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Jay H Givan


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Gerald Horne

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Noke Locks

Lehi, Utah, TEL: 385-645-4567

Bluetooth Locks


Irvine CA; Tel: 949-341-0947

PSM and access control solutions

have been employed worldwide

Cloud Electronics

Park City UT; Tel: 435-649-3254

Zone/ Multi-zone mixers/ Amps

Paging Mic Systems

Franklin Time

Warminster PA; TEL: 800-321-2353

Digital & Analog Clocks/ systems,

Timers, and Specialty


19" cabinets & rack


Pro Tech Audio Corp

Indian Lake NY; TEL: 518-648-6410

Commercial auto-mixers with "Dugan Speech System" technology     

Best HealthCare 

Parkville MO; TEL: 816-421-1311

Nurse call & care systems, for all

categories of hospitals, clinics,

and group homes

Code Guard Security

Scramble keypad technology

Now available as a Weigand compatible device

Copper Watcher

Bedford TX; TEL: 817-684-1216

2014 ISC award winner

AC unit theft detection devices


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